How to add products on your e-commerce website

Let's Recap you have been able to do the following

Now you are ready to add your products, Please note that of the items above the most important is the category hence if you have not categorized your products, We suggest you do it now.

As seen from the above image once you click on all products you will be presented by a screen with a button that says add new, this is the button used to add a new product.

Once you click on add new button you will meet the following screen seen below.

Here is an explanation for the items you need to fill above please note the required items are Title,Price and Quantity

Product Title: Here you need to write the name of the product.

Price: Write down the price of the product according to your currency.

Special price: Is only field if there is a sale or discount together with Special Price Type , Special Price Start and End Dates (Special Price Types lets you decied on using percentage or fixed rate --> Special start and end dates lets you fill the begining of a sale or discount and the end ).

SKU : Stands for stock keeping unit ( if you have hudge inventory and you arrange your products using a bar code you can add your SKU here).

Manage Stock : Switch this to on if you want your store to handle stock.

Stock Quantity : Here you will add the number of available stock you have for the product.

After you have filled the items hit save you will be taken to the screen seen below

After you have added some basic details you will be directed the page above where you will have to fill the following items.

Short Description : Is basically a short explanation of your product without any images or html content.

Product Content: Is basically More explanation and specifications of your product this can be graphical and you can add images here see how it appears for the above example.

Brand: Here you will need to choose a brand associated with your product don't worry this item is optional if you have a brand if not don't fill anything.If you need to add brands associated with your business see how to here

Categories: Here you will need to choose a category associated with your product don't worry this item is optional if you have a category if not don't fill anything.If you need to add categories associated with your business see how to here

After you have filled the above information just select publish on and hit save.

Now Lets add product images:

On your product tab as seen below go to images section.

You will get a screen on your right that allows you to drag and drop product images you can drop as many images as you like

Now that we have our images we can add variants on the variants section and Inventory on the inventory section.

Let's see how we can fix our product seo so that search engines can grab it

Add a title that represents your product and avaible keywords that represent your product as seen above. Lastly on description try to describe your product on Meta Description.

If you need to create a quick checkout url so as your customers can buy your product you can easily do that on express checkout tab which when clicked you will get the screen as seen below

Once you select the amount of quantity you want to check out or your clients wants to purchase from you click on generate url button it will generate a quick checkout link which you can share with your client for them to buy or on social media marketing campaings see below.

Congrats you have successfully added a product on your store.