How to add brands

So let's say your products have brands for example ( Nike, Gucci, Rolex ...)

And you need to assign your products to given brands so your customers can find them when they are searching or filtering for products.

You first need to add all brands that your shop or store has.

Again on the products section click on brands (Products >> Brands)

After you have clicked A a page on your right will appear with the title Brands.To add a brand you will need to click on the button create brand which will give you a page as seen below.

As you can see from the above image the page create brand was brought up and I was able to add a brand, in this case, I went with Huawei.

All you need to fill in the name, featured should be yes if you want it to appear as its own category on the home screen and thumbnail is the image of the brand , Once done click on save, and congrats you have your first brand.